This is the story

I have not been the best in updating this blog lately and there is a reason behind it – I have decided to move all my stuff to my own site where I then can add my portfolio and whatever else I feel like sharing with the world.

Would love for you to come join me there and the easiest way to do so is just to click here.

It is still very much a site under progress so it might change looks a couple of times before I’m happy with it but that’s the way it is. And I’m enjoying getting it into shape…


Almost there

I know, I’ve been real bad in updating over the holidays but as soon as I’ve cured my jetlag I will fill you in on the ongoings (or non-goings really) – so, I’ll be back…real soon.

A winters tale

New beginnings

Merry Christmas everyone

Winter is no wonderland

I’m no longer in sunny and warm Singapore that’s for sure.

-10 to -16 degrees C. That is cold.

Very, very cold!