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I have been neglecting this blog lately, I have not really been in the mood for it to be honest. Need to make a few changes to it. I have ideas of how and what, just have to make them happen. And get the feeling back for blogging. If I get it back.

Someone who is nowhere near losing her feeling for blogging is an old acquaintance of mine, Joanna, so while you are waiting for me to get my inspiration back I highly suggest you head over to hers as it is one stunning read – you will find Simple Blueprint here.


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Soon back on my feet

Had my first session with the physiotherapist yesterday. Must admit I really liked her. Not only coz she said I did really well on the exercises but because she thinks I’ll be back in my belowed heels in about a months time. Lower ones than usual though but I couldn’t care less, as long as it’s not flats I’m gonna be superhappy.

I miss my heels!!!

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I’ve got a secret.

Well, it’s not actually a secret secret. And it’s not mine either. I’m just keeping it safe for a while that’s all. You will know about it. Not now. Later.

What I can say though is that it makes me very happy.

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I’m back!

I have had the most brilliant holiday.

Visiting family, meeting up with friends and a lot of relaxation (thank you foot for that!). Will not bore you with details – might post some pics later on though and you can see for yourselves. Now I’m back to reality, being a bit slower than usual. This jetlag thingy is completely messing up everything. Head is fuzzy and I have had enough blonde moments to last me a lifetime or two.


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