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New beginnings


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Merry Christmas everyone

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Winter is no wonderland

I’m no longer in sunny and warm Singapore that’s for sure.

-10 to -16 degrees C. That is cold.

Very, very cold!

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Beam me up Scottie

I seriously hate packing. Hate unpacking too but not as much, don’t have to figure out what to bring with me when doing that.

Not that I have that much to pack this time, winter clothes isn’t exactly a staple ware in my wardrobe but still…sigh!

Soon done though. Then comes the part I hate even more. Cleaning the house.

Double sigh.

Nine hours to take off…..

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Trial and error

Let’s see if the upgrade had something good with it – me being able to mobile blog with pictures again….

Fingers crossed!

UPDATE: I cannot believe it – it actually works. Yay!!!!!

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Gone with the wind

Great! Just great!!

Decided it was time to update the software of my BlackBerry which I hadn’t done for ages. Never did I think that would mean it would erase everything I had on it. Or actually, should have thought about it but didn’t. Now all is gone.

Phone book. Calender. Old messages I’ve kept. Etc. Etc.

To add to my annoyance the bloody sync doesn’t work either so now I have to recreate the entire thing which is like a couple of weeks work.

Well, as I always say about everything – one has to find something positive even if it’s hard. Now atleast I got rid of all those numbers that I’ve kept for some strange reason, the numbers to people I cannot even remember who they are.

But to be honest, no matter what it’s still very annoying!

PS! If you are someone whose number I should have you know what to do.

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