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New beginnings


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Merry Christmas everyone

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Gone with the wind

Great! Just great!!

Decided it was time to update the software of my BlackBerry which I hadn’t done for ages. Never did I think that would mean it would erase everything I had on it. Or actually, should have thought about it but didn’t. Now all is gone.

Phone book. Calender. Old messages I’ve kept. Etc. Etc.

To add to my annoyance the bloody sync doesn’t work either so now I have to recreate the entire thing which is like a couple of weeks work.

Well, as I always say about everything – one has to find something positive even if it’s hard. Now atleast I got rid of all those numbers that I’ve kept for some strange reason, the numbers to people I cannot even remember who they are.

But to be honest, no matter what it’s still very annoying!

PS! If you are someone whose number I should have you know what to do.

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And it ain’t men!

All ready to go do my Xmas shopping – which I am so not in the mood for today but it has to be done – what happens? Heaven decides to open up the flood gates and let the whole bloody zoo down!!


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Feeling the gray

Finally Friday!!! And I’m absolutely shattered. Bloody weather don’t exactly help to lift the spirit. It’s raining. Again.


I’ve decided to spend my Friday night at home. On the sofa. Watching a DVD. Or two. Trying to forget all the “musts” that I have. Like cleaning the house. Don’t think my dust rats will go anywhere if I wait till tomorrow or Sunday. Or getting my Xmas shopping done – which I plan to do tomorrow though. And besides, have a party tomorrow night and if I know that crowd right it will be a very late one. Probably ending up at Supperclub. Need to be fresh for that.

Haha, why am I  trying to make excuses for myself? I can do whatever I like. Whenever I like. And if I don’t want to do anything then that’s fine as well.

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After a long wait I have finally become an “auntie” again. Wiiiiiiieeeeeeeee!!!!

One of my best friends back home gave this morning birth to a healthy baby – and I couldn’t be happier for her. Or thrilled. Or excited.

Congratulations Helle – I cannot wait to meet the little one when I am home at Xmas!!!

Lots of love to the both of you.


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