Beam me up Scottie

I seriously hate packing. Hate unpacking too but not as much, don’t have to figure out what to bring with me when doing that.

Not that I have that much to pack this time, winter clothes isn’t exactly a staple ware in my wardrobe but still…sigh!

Soon done though. Then comes the part I hate even more. Cleaning the house.

Double sigh.

Nine hours to take off…..


Trial and error

Let’s see if the upgrade had something good with it – me being able to mobile blog with pictures again….

Fingers crossed!

UPDATE: I cannot believe it – it actually works. Yay!!!!!

Gone with the wind

Great! Just great!!

Decided it was time to update the software of my BlackBerry which I hadn’t done for ages. Never did I think that would mean it would erase everything I had on it. Or actually, should have thought about it but didn’t. Now all is gone.

Phone book. Calender. Old messages I’ve kept. Etc. Etc.

To add to my annoyance the bloody sync doesn’t work either so now I have to recreate the entire thing which is like a couple of weeks work.

Well, as I always say about everything – one has to find something positive even if it’s hard. Now atleast I got rid of all those numbers that I’ve kept for some strange reason, the numbers to people I cannot even remember who they are.

But to be honest, no matter what it’s still very annoying!

PS! If you are someone whose number I should have you know what to do.

Today is my last working day of 2009. Total bliss.

Tomorrow evening I’m flying away to this. Snow.

Not as much bliss. But for some strange reason I am actually looking forward to it.

To be able to wear boots. Polo jumpers. Hats. Gloves. Stockings.

Sit in cozy cafés drinking hot chocolate. Give hugs to everyone I’ve missed since being home last.

And after I’m done with all that, I get to go back here.

To the sun. And the warmth.

And to hug everyone I have missed when being away.

When words are not needed

Sometimes you just stumble over blogs that gives you such a good feeling that you have to go back to the start of it and read it all.

“Nio till fem” is one of those. I absolutely love her photos. Not to mention her sense of style. And she has a good way of using words. Unfortunately it is in Swedish but she does have an English translation. Kind of anyway. But, pictures don’t need a language. They speak very much without.

So go on. Have a look.

And then there was nothing

I really ought to write something and I was about to as well when it all went blank….don’t have anything really interesting to write. Well, could write about the weather I guess but it’s raining again so no change there really. I have every night booked this week for events but none of them are really that exciting – mostly dinners and stuff. And work, well…don’t really write about work in this blog so no can do. Which leaves us with only one thing.


Holding hands

OMG!! How cute is this….especially when one of them reaches out again at the end…!!