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While we’re on the subject of bags – if there is one bag that I really do want,  it’s this one.

Chanel 2.55 Vintage


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I’m not that big of a fan of Louis Vuitton – it kind of got boring after like everyone went to Thailand and came home with loads of fake bags and you could see them everywhere.

But…must admit that I do like this one from their Cruise 2010 Womens collection. Bloody expensive though.

And I absolutely love the sandals. Those I want!


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I like the news about H&M doing a collaboration with Jimmy Choo for a shoe and handbag collection (apparently even a clothing line) in late autumn – what I don’t like is that we still don’t have an H&M in Singapore. Rumours about them moving into the new ION shopping centre turned out to be just that. Rumours.

Guess I’ll have to take a trip to Hong Kong in November.

Choo for H&M

Choo for H&M

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I know how to do quite a lot of things, but if there is one thing I know how to do really well it has to be how to shop (read: spend money). Yes, once again I succeeded in coming home with more things than initially planned but they were all things I really needed. Ehm, that’s what I’m telling myself anyway and I’m gonna stick to it.

What I got? Hmm, am not sure I should tell but here goes. You all know how I started to count shoes and handbags yesterday right, and realized that I probably hadn’t enough? Well, just to be on the safe side I decided to add two pairs of shoes and one handbag to the collection. Got two pairs of flip-flops as well but those I don’t really count as shoes. Also bought some tops and a cute little jacket for when I go to Sweden for my holidays. Add to that some bangles and necklaces and you pretty much know what was in the bags. Not bad work for a Saturday afternoon huh?

The black belt in shopping I’ve trained so hard for is secured for the near future. Damn, I’m good! Haha….

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…when you have decided not to go out.

  1. Try on outfits to see what will work on that night when you actually will head out despite knowing that even if you find some good options you will most probably end up with a wardrobe crisis anyway
  2. Paint your nails in different colors to see which one suits your non-tan the best
  3. Put on make-up just to take it off a minute later in order to start all over – this time with other colors
  4. Start to count your shoes and bags only to stop halfway because you are not sure you really want to know the truth about the number – not knowing means you can still pretend that you don’t have enough of either of them

Yes, I’m a little bit bored.

And very, very restless…

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