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It is starting to get seriously annoying that I cannot do mobile blogging with my BlackBerry – well, not where I attach pictures anyway. Had decided that I wouldn’t by a new iPhone when I lost the old one but am now starting to change my mind as there are a few functions on that one that I really miss. The easy blogging is one of them.

My cry for help here on the blog to try to figure out the problem didn’t get me anywhere. Zero response. Sigh. Never mind. Guess that if I have anything exciting to tell “on the run” I have to wait with the pictures till after.


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Photo blogging

I have tried a billion times to post photos on the blog from my BlackBerry, both via email and via the WordPress for BlackBerry application and needless to say, I haven’t succeeded. Plain textmessages works but as soon as I add a photo it totally fails and now it’s starting to get pretty annoying.

If anyone out there might have a solution, please let me know.

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