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This is the story

I have not been the best in updating this blog lately and there is a reason behind it – I have decided to move all my stuff to my own site where I then can add my portfolio and whatever else I feel like sharing with the world.

Would love for you to come join me there and the easiest way to do so is just to click here.

It is still very much a site under progress so it might change looks a couple of times before I’m happy with it but that’s the way it is. And I’m enjoying getting it into shape…


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I really ought to write something and I was about to as well when it all went blank….don’t have anything really interesting to write. Well, could write about the weather I guess but it’s raining again so no change there really. I have every night booked this week for events but none of them are really that exciting – mostly dinners and stuff. And work, well…don’t really write about work in this blog so no can do. Which leaves us with only one thing.


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Photo blogging

I have tried a billion times to post photos on the blog from my BlackBerry, both via email and via the WordPress for BlackBerry application and needless to say, I haven’t succeeded. Plain textmessages works but as soon as I add a photo it totally fails and now it’s starting to get pretty annoying.

If anyone out there might have a solution, please let me know.

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I have been neglecting this blog lately, I have not really been in the mood for it to be honest. Need to make a few changes to it. I have ideas of how and what, just have to make them happen. And get the feeling back for blogging. If I get it back.

Someone who is nowhere near losing her feeling for blogging is an old acquaintance of mine, Joanna, so while you are waiting for me to get my inspiration back I highly suggest you head over to hers as it is one stunning read – you will find Simple Blueprint here.

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