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One of the clusters for the H1N1 flu here in Singapore has turned out to be The Butter Factory. A nightclub. Quite a popular one as well.

Super, that will really make the tracing easy. Not!


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Home alone

Spoke to RB yesterday. Poor thing. His sis is down with H1N1 so he had to go check himself out and ended up being home quarantined for 7 days. How much fun is that?!? I mean, it’s quite ok having to stay home for a week when you know you can go out anytime you like, but having to stay home and knowing you are not allowed outside the door? You have to be kidding me, I would so climb the walls after two days. My big question was, what do one do about food if you’re not allowed out? Talk about going on a hard diet. And my god, how Singaporean did I sound asking that, haha…

Did tease him endlessly about it but stopped rather quickly when he threatened to stop by mine for a visit so I would end up having to be quarantined as well…which then would mean he could have company. Don’t think he really thought that thought through properly. Me and him, stuck in an apartment for a week?!? Yeah, that could be interesting. Or not.

Countdown to my holidays – 18 days!

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