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For the second weekend in a row I have had changes to my weekend plans – the client I was to help with a photo shoot tomorrow (and who postponed it last week already) just informed me that she cannot make tomorrow either. Let’s see if we can get this done during the week instead. Third time lucky kind of thing.

This means though that I now don’t have any excuse to do all the boring housework that I haven’t really had the time to do for the past week or two. So, tomorrow I will be dancing around the house with the vacuum cleaner instead of pressing the shutter of a camera. Or spend some time by the pool at mums. Or shopping. Or just about anything that doesn’t involve chores. Ah, dreaming!

Am sneaking out of the office earlier today. Fx has invited me to go along to an event at the Hermès store so need to go home, put the face on and dress up so I don’t look too out of place among the tai-tais and socialites. Am starving so hope they have something to nibble on, otherwise the champagne will go straight to my head. If I go for the bubbly that is. Am thinking of being a good girl and do a non-alcoholic evening. The old body would be forever grateful for it.

But on the other hand……it is Friday after all.


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…in pictures.

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…last Friday at Screening Room.


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F1 Rocks

F1 mania has hit Singapore and I am gearing up for what is to be a manic weekend.

We’re kicking it off tonight with a farewell party for Rachel at the rooftop of  Screening Room, a party that will most likely end very early in the morning.

Tomorrow night the gang is off to F1 Rocks at Fort Canning Park to watch, among others, The Black Eyed Peas and Beyonce. This will be followed by partying somewhere, most probably Supperclub…if we do not decide to make a stop at the Fuel Festival at the National Museum. See another late night coming on this one.

Sunday it’ll of course be the race followed by yet another party. In between all this it might be pooltime and brunch somewhere.

Thank god I have taken Monday off as I can already feel the lack of sleep.

But, it’ll be great  fun and it’s only once a year after all….

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Was over at Rakshas yesterday for dinner with her, Tamara and Shalini. We had, as per usual, a really nice evening with lots of talk and laughter. Not to mention fab food. Also had a little lesson in how to walk with crutches as R is in a cast since her surgery over the weekend…and she, being as stubborn as me, tends to walk without them and that didn’t go down well with mummy Anette. LOL.

Woke up this morning feeling like I had been out partying all night which was a rather strange feeling as I was home in bed by 11pm and the only drink I had was water. Cannot even be near a glass of wine without being hungover the next day.


glasswine. Broken.

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Heavenly cooking

I love food. Both to eat and to cook. Especially the last. I collect cookbooks and I love watching cooking shows on TV. I have a few favorite chefs to watch (yes, Jamie Oliver being one of them…) and that I get inspiration from.

One of the chefs that I’m not a big fan of though is Keith Floyd but even so, I cannot help but feel a bit sad when reading about his passing yesterday. His shows were not the conventional ones and he sure didn’t chose the most typical locations for them either but he did know how to cook. Always with a glass of red wine in his hand. He was entertaining (and on a few occasions he might have tasted that wine one too many times which made it even more entertaining) and made cooking look enjoyable. Simple. Even for someone who doesn’t cook so often.

With the passing of both Patrick Swayze and Keith Floyd in the last 24 hours, I can imagine heaven now being quite a jolly place where good food will be served before the angels work it off with some dirty dancing….


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Ab fab

Had a fab evening yesterday – met Isabel and Jonas for dinner. We went to Uluru at Duxton Hill, had never been in that area before and realized that was a real miss…really, really liked it so will most def go there more times. My choice of food was a sirloin steak made to perfection, took me about five minutes to clean the plate which is quite unheard of when it comes to me.

I give the place 3,5 “Netties” – would have been more if it hadn’t been for the service, which was lacking at times – and if you are in that area I really recommend a visit.

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