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Payback time

The former Miss California USA – Carrie Prejean –  is in the hot seat once again. Think you all know who I’m talking about, the one who made ridiculous comments about gay marriages during the competition, had her boob job paid by the pageant organizer and then lost her title over topless pictures and whatever else.

She some time ago sued the organization for, among other things “public disclosure of private facts”, and now the organization in turn have filed a cross complaint. They want her to give her boobies back. Well, at least the cost for them!!


If you want to read more you can do so at Perez and TMZ.


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It’s a cats life

I have three alley cats living outside my house and these cats, as gorgeous as they are, have a habit of screaming at the most odd hours of the day and it is driving me crazy – especially when they start in the middle of the night as they tend to do it just outside my bedroom window.

Anyway, I have always wondered why and when I saw this one it hit me – one of them is probably getting a good bashing for fooling around….three is just one too many.


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