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Almost there

I know, I’ve been real bad in updating over the holidays but as soon as I’ve cured my jetlag I will fill you in on the ongoings (or non-goings really) – so, I’ll be back…real soon.


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Today is my last working day of 2009. Total bliss.

Tomorrow evening I’m flying away to this. Snow.

Not as much bliss. But for some strange reason I am actually looking forward to it.

To be able to wear boots. Polo jumpers. Hats. Gloves. Stockings.

Sit in cozy cafés drinking hot chocolate. Give hugs to everyone I’ve missed since being home last.

And after I’m done with all that, I get to go back here.

To the sun. And the warmth.

And to hug everyone I have missed when being away.

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I’m back!

I have had the most brilliant holiday.

Visiting family, meeting up with friends and a lot of relaxation (thank you foot for that!). Will not bore you with details – might post some pics later on though and you can see for yourselves. Now I’m back to reality, being a bit slower than usual. This jetlag thingy is completely messing up everything. Head is fuzzy and I have had enough blonde moments to last me a lifetime or two.


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I am now officially on holiday till the beginning of August.


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Days to go


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Days to go


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