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I have done something to my neck and arm so am currently quite immobile – there is probably a fancy word for this thing but cannot think about what it might be right now – and it is now starting to get pretty annoying as I can only do small movements. I’m not a small movements kind of person. This is tough.

Have cancelled my engagements for the week, it is gonna be work and rest for me, nothing else – we have the Swedish Ball on Saturday and that I do not intend to miss due to a silly injury. Or to the cold that I feel is in the system as well. No time for that.


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The smell of tears

I am all for when taxis have a little jar of essence to make them smell a bit fresher but my god, when the smell makes you sneeze the whole ride and your eyes start tearing up, then it has gone a little bit overboard.

Just experienced one of those and couldn’t wait to get out of it – lucky for me I had only a short way to go otherwise I think I might have suffered a severe allergy attack.

Talking about attacks, one of my friends had a very close encounter with a champagne glass yesterday…it got so bad she today had to have surgery. Haven’t spoken to her after the operation but fingers crossed all went well.

Have a speedy recovery sweetie, and let me know if there is anything you need help with!

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Back on track

Went to see my doctor earlier this week for a check-up on the foot and talk about me getting a huge surprise. The new x-rays showed that the fracture had healed as it should and that he was so pleased that he gave me the all-clear. No more physio. No more flats.

I am finally back to being me.

Wearing heels.

And never did I imagine that the problem of having to decide what shoes to wear would turn out to be such a pleasant one.

Life is full of surprises.

Me love!!


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If you don’t have an eventful weekend there are ways to make it so, that’s what happened to me.

Went to a farewell party for a friend who is moving to Kuala Lumpur and on the way from  that party to another venue I tripped in my high heels and injured my foot. Thinking I might only have sprained it I continued on the night. Bad idea! On the Saturday it had increased in size and I was more or less immobile – which meant that the birthday BBQ I had on that evening was a no-no. Thinking some rest would do the trick I realized yesterday that that was not the case so there was nothing more to do than take myself off to the ER.

Still thinking I only had twisted it real bad I got a bit of a surprise when after an x-ray the attending doctor thought there was a piece of bone in my foot having been chipped off so I was put in a half-cast and supported by crutched I wobbled on home with a letter to a specialt whom I went to visit this morning. Thankfully he didn’t think it was that bad, I might “only” have torn a ligament  but to be sure he sent me to do an MRI (very interesting experience I must say, lying still not being allowed to move for half an hours is easier said than done..) so the verdict will come on Wednesday. Fingers crossed!

My biggest worry was that he would say that I would have to postpone my trip home but that didn’t happen even though he got a bit of a strange look when I asked him and I was absolutely sure that he would say no. Big sigh of relief when he didn’t.

Anyway, there will be no cute high heels for me for a while (bummer!!!) and when I am allowed into them, I will for sure make sure that I always walk on even ground coz this is no fun…not to mention how restless and bored I will be just being at home – am on MC for the rest of the week. Sigh.

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