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After a long wait I have finally become an “auntie” again. Wiiiiiiieeeeeeeee!!!!

One of my best friends back home gave this morning birth to a healthy baby – and I couldn’t be happier for her. Or thrilled. Or excited.

Congratulations Helle – I cannot wait to meet the little one when I am home at Xmas!!!

Lots of love to the both of you.



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Sorry for not updating the entire weekend but have been living in a “wedding bubble” since Friday.

TomTamara got married on Saturday and it has been a hectic weekend starting off with me meeting some friends for drinks on Thursday evening. Not the cleverest of ideas as we had the hen party for Princess T on the Friday but thankfully it was not until the afternoon so managed to get myself atleast a couple of hours sleep.

Friday was a mix of laughter, champagne, willy-straws, more champagne, pampering, happy tears, even more champagne and some nibbles. And this was just in the afternoon. In the evening the hens (without Princess T as she had a family dinner) went out for dinner at Graze, joined by one poor guy…but he held himself pretty good in the company of very chatty women. Impressive. After dinner we continued down to CQ and China One for more partying. Some of us were still going at 5 am. Another not so clever decision.

Saturday was wedding day. Me and Di, one of the other bridesmaids, went to the location in early afternoon to check that all was in order. Being Singapore of course it wasn’t. And it the middle of the set-up someone decided to open up the heavens and it started pouring down. When you have an outdoor location that is not exactly what you want. Thankfully it stopped in time for when the guests and the bridal couple arrived so all was well and good in the end.

The bride looked absolutely gorgeous. The groom very handsome. And the ceremony, it was just heartwrenching. Not a dry eye in the house. As it should be at weddings. As I, apart from being one of the bridesmaids, also was the official photographer that was a tough moment…trying to focus and take good pictures with tears in your eyes is not the easiest thing. They did turn out good though.  The dinner, the dancing and the afterparty was great but after having been out two nights in a row I gave up at 1 am. At that point my brain had done a complete shut-down and I could no longer feel my feet so the only thing I wanted was my bed, and a good nights sleep. Which I did get. Bliss.

On Sunday I met up with Ellen for brunch at Pump Room. The weather was perfect for sitting outside and it was just what I needed to get my energy back. Brunch was followed by an 1.5hrs balinese massage. Talking about feeling like you’ve been to heaven and back afterwards.

It has truly been a weekend filled with love, happiness and meeting of new wonderful people and I feel so blessed to have friends like T&T in my life – and it was such an honor to be there, sharing their special day!


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Like managing to hail a taxi and get into it just as the heavens decide to go absolutely crazy and pour down bucketloads of water – and by that, managing to avoid the “Miss Wet T-shirt” look by a second. Yay!



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For the second weekend in a row I have had changes to my weekend plans – the client I was to help with a photo shoot tomorrow (and who postponed it last week already) just informed me that she cannot make tomorrow either. Let’s see if we can get this done during the week instead. Third time lucky kind of thing.

This means though that I now don’t have any excuse to do all the boring housework that I haven’t really had the time to do for the past week or two. So, tomorrow I will be dancing around the house with the vacuum cleaner instead of pressing the shutter of a camera. Or spend some time by the pool at mums. Or shopping. Or just about anything that doesn’t involve chores. Ah, dreaming!

Am sneaking out of the office earlier today. Fx has invited me to go along to an event at the Hermès store so need to go home, put the face on and dress up so I don’t look too out of place among the tai-tais and socialites. Am starving so hope they have something to nibble on, otherwise the champagne will go straight to my head. If I go for the bubbly that is. Am thinking of being a good girl and do a non-alcoholic evening. The old body would be forever grateful for it.

But on the other hand……it is Friday after all.

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Someones dreamworld

This gave me the biggest laugh of the day…

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Running to escape

I have no idea whatever came over me but I suddenly felt the need to go home to Stockholm so I have now booked myself a flight back for Christmas. Me, who said I would not even consider it…that I would stay here for the holidays. Hmmm.

I think the past month has taken it’s toll on me and that’s why I need to get away. I have to escape my life for a while. Even called mum to ask if she would do a weekend trip with me somewhere, don’t really care where as long as I get away. That is a bad sign. Not going away with mum. The running.

So, here I am…trying to figure out where would be a good place to go. It has to be free from typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis…bad weather in general really. Oh, and it should only take max two hours to get to. Any suggestions?

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To AnnDee and Brett who on September 25th became proud parents to Aaralynn!



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