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Happy midsummer!

Yesterdays midsummer party turned out to be…not so much of a party. By 10pm half of the guests started to head off and so did my little group. The evening was nice and all, with good food – the buffet consisted of everything from pickled herring to meatballs and Janssons Temptation, all to be found on the traditional midsummer table in Sweden – some schnapps and good conversations but it never really picked up. Might have had something to do with it being extremely warm and humid. And the lack of dancing around the midsummer pole. Not to mention picking seven different flowers, jumping over nine fences and then head off to sleep without saying a word (apparently this will then make you dream about your future husband – yes, this is a thing only girls are to do). Oh no, that is not for me. I would screw up big time on the “not talking” part. Really, really badly. Ask anyone who knows me. Haha.

To all my friends in Sweden – hope you get to have a fantastic midsummer and am keeping my fingers crossed that you won’t be washed away by the traditional rain. Oh, and do a few jumps in “The little frogs” for me as well….*S*

Midsummer dancing

Midsummer dancing


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The Embassy together with the Swedish Business Association has invited the Swedish colony to midsummer celebrations at Raffles Hotel tonight. For those in the know…yes, midsummer is not celebrated till tomorrow, I know that,  but out here things might not always be done in the correct order.

Am bringing friends with me who are a bit curious about our celebrations. I’ve told them stories. Unfortunately tonights will be Singapore-style. The Swedish way? An ex of mine, the darling Irishman, put it down quite well once.

“Oh midsummer, isn’t that when you’re upside down in a ditch somewhere in rural Sweden with a belly full of homebrewed alcohol?”

If it’s true? Well, guess you have to go to Sweden to find out…

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