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Back in the game

I have been a bit quiet lately, the neck thingy messed up my system completely so got a bit of a cold so have been down and out. And to help my neck I decided to stay away from the computer. Did help a bit but now that I’m back infront of it, the pain is back. Slightly better, but still there.

That didn’t prevent me from attending the ball on Saturday. It was a blast. As usual. Good food, great company, lots of dancing and of course laughter. Loved my dress, it was perfect for the event. Needless to say yesterday wasn’t the most productive of days. Wasn’t hungover, just very tired. Spent the day in the sofa watching DVDs. Lazy I know but hey, it was Sunday after all. Then you are allowed to do absolutely nothing.


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Oh my, some days you sure feel that you are not 20 anymore. Yesterday was one of those. Was at the opening party for Burberry at Ion Orchard on Tuesday night. And what a party it was. People lining the red carpet (which was actually beige….) to spot celebrities…and there we came walking, was a very surreal feeling. But fun.

Once inside it was packed with people and the bubbly was flowing freely. The Creative Director of Burberry, Christopher Bailey, was there and the poor thing had to have his pics taken with almost everyone. Yes, us incluced. Of course. But guess it’s part of his job when going to events like this.

Afterwards me and Fx was to have dinner at Hyatt with one of his former colleagues and friends but we ended up getting a big part of the gang coming with us so instead of a quiet dinner it became a much bigger one. Kudos to the staff at Hyatt for arranging so we could have one of the private diningrooms. Lots of food, lots of drinks, lots of laughter. Brilliant night. Late night. And oh, did I suffer for it yesterday. But worth it. And am feeling a lot fresher today. There’s not much that a good nights sleep cannot fix. Now we have to gear up for the weekend, even though it will be a rather mundane one.

Christopher Bailey

Christopher Bailey checking out the media center that was put up in the store - perfect for all of those who couldn't stay away from Facebook and Twitter for even one night...

With AlvinWith SandraThe gang

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Ok, you should always try to see the positive side of things and that is what I’m trying to do in regards to the post below – I have so wanted to get the new 3GS but couldn’t really justify getting one but guess now I don’t have to do that. Justify it that is. So you see, there can be some good in the bad.

Until the phone incident my Saturday was brilliant. The gang went to a sneak preview of “Victor/Victoria” that is being set up here in Singers. The event was held at St. Regis and the dresscode was andro-chic and us being us we went all in for this one. As soon as we arrived we were surrounded by photographers wanting to take our pics and that is something this group never say no to, yes we are a bunch of cam divas. Cannot say I was surprised by this, the interest of the photogs, as we were among the few who had taken the theme to heart and really gone for it, and it was appreciated…apparently we ended up being the headpic for the article that was in the papers on Sunday. Am trying to get a copy of it and if I do I will scan it for you guys to see….until then, here are a few chosen ones from my album.


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And so another weekend has come and gone and we’re back at Monday again. Gah!

I must admit I am a bit surprised that I actually managed to have a quiet one – well, somewhat anyway. The dinner with Fx – and Nicky – on Friday did turn out to be a very, very easy one, we met up at Hyatt after work and were done by 11 at which time we all headed home. Now that is quite unheard of, haha…

Saturdays party was a bit more wild but not over the top. After having gone through more or less my entire wardrobe after something fitting for the theme (60’s & 70’s) I decided to go the easy route – a pair of highwaisted flared jeans with a flannel shirt tied under the bust. Very Daisy Duke. Straigthened my hair and did a middle-parting and voilà, I was ready for That 70’s Show. Only missed an Ashton but you cannot have it all…Pictures will be posted later.

On to yesty which was very uneventful, spent more or less the entire day on the sofa watching old movies. Plan was to clean the house but realized that the dustrats (or maybe I should call them cats….) would hardly run away if I waited another day or two. I really ought to get myself a maid, hate doing that sort of housework. Yes, I am lazy. And proud of it.  Hmm, know my posting from Friday said I was to meet Tam for tea but that slipped both our minds in the midst of everything. She has a more valid reason for forgetting than me though.

And as this has to be one of the most uninteresting posts in the history of this blog I will finish it off before I have bored you all to death….



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…in pictures.

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…last Friday at Screening Room.


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