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If you don’t have an eventful weekend there are ways to make it so, that’s what happened to me.

Went to a farewell party for a friend who is moving to Kuala Lumpur and on the way from  that party to another venue I tripped in my high heels and injured my foot. Thinking I might only have sprained it I continued on the night. Bad idea! On the Saturday it had increased in size and I was more or less immobile – which meant that the birthday BBQ I had on that evening was a no-no. Thinking some rest would do the trick I realized yesterday that that was not the case so there was nothing more to do than take myself off to the ER.

Still thinking I only had twisted it real bad I got a bit of a surprise when after an x-ray the attending doctor thought there was a piece of bone in my foot having been chipped off so I was put in a half-cast and supported by crutched I wobbled on home with a letter to a specialt whom I went to visit this morning. Thankfully he didn’t think it was that bad, I might “only” have torn a ligament  but to be sure he sent me to do an MRI (very interesting experience I must say, lying still not being allowed to move for half an hours is easier said than done..) so the verdict will come on Wednesday. Fingers crossed!

My biggest worry was that he would say that I would have to postpone my trip home but that didn’t happen even though he got a bit of a strange look when I asked him and I was absolutely sure that he would say no. Big sigh of relief when he didn’t.

Anyway, there will be no cute high heels for me for a while (bummer!!!) and when I am allowed into them, I will for sure make sure that I always walk on even ground coz this is no fun…not to mention how restless and bored I will be just being at home – am on MC for the rest of the week. Sigh.


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Home alone

Spoke to RB yesterday. Poor thing. His sis is down with H1N1 so he had to go check himself out and ended up being home quarantined for 7 days. How much fun is that?!? I mean, it’s quite ok having to stay home for a week when you know you can go out anytime you like, but having to stay home and knowing you are not allowed outside the door? You have to be kidding me, I would so climb the walls after two days. My big question was, what do one do about food if you’re not allowed out? Talk about going on a hard diet. And my god, how Singaporean did I sound asking that, haha…

Did tease him endlessly about it but stopped rather quickly when he threatened to stop by mine for a visit so I would end up having to be quarantined as well…which then would mean he could have company. Don’t think he really thought that thought through properly. Me and him, stuck in an apartment for a week?!? Yeah, that could be interesting. Or not.

Countdown to my holidays – 18 days!

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…when you have decided not to go out.

  1. Try on outfits to see what will work on that night when you actually will head out despite knowing that even if you find some good options you will most probably end up with a wardrobe crisis anyway
  2. Paint your nails in different colors to see which one suits your non-tan the best
  3. Put on make-up just to take it off a minute later in order to start all over – this time with other colors
  4. Start to count your shoes and bags only to stop halfway because you are not sure you really want to know the truth about the number – not knowing means you can still pretend that you don’t have enough of either of them

Yes, I’m a little bit bored.

And very, very restless…

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