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Done, done and done!

Yay!! Done with my Xmas shopping. The Singapore-part of it atleast. Yes, the rain did stop eventually so got myself into town. Weren’t the only one with that idea. It was total mayhem!!!

Managed to get myself some little treats as well. Surprise, surprise! Bought the perfect shoes for NYE at Zara – black with sparkles on the heel. Also got some warm jumpers for Sweden, those I think I will use a lot. Then it was just small bits and bobs. As usual. Am real pleased with myself though, actually having most of it done already. Wiieee.

Now I’m gonna enjoy a couple of hours of doing nothing before having to get ready for tonights party. Theme: Hats and style. Could be fun.


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My new little toy

My old camera (the small one…) stopped working for me last week and as I cannot be without one I decided to go check a new one out over the weekend.

After having looked at different options I finally decided on a Samsung ST500 with dual LCD’s (really wanted the ST550 as it had a slightly bigger screen but they didn’t have it and the ST500 was 200 dollars cheaper and with the same functions – apart from the screen – and I got an extra battery as added bonus) and after having used it at the ball I must say I am really pleased with my purchase. Will take a while to get used to all the functions are but once that is sorted, then I’ll go snapping away again.

I just love new toys!!!


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Victoria Beckham showed her Spring 2010 collection at New York Fashion Week and once again I’m blown over – I really do love her designs, they are superclassy and in a style that is close to what I want to achieve personally. Only problem is you need one hell of a figure to wear them. And a big wallet.

Below are some that really caught my eye and that I wouldn’t mind having in my wardrobe. 



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The truth


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I want

Hahaha, these are just sooooo geeky but cannot help wanting them anyway as I think they are quite funny.

Not to mention the laugh I would get from seeing the reaction when there is someone else than me taking them off…hahahaha!!

To have a look at more things you didn’t even know you might want, go here.


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I like the news about H&M doing a collaboration with Jimmy Choo for a shoe and handbag collection (apparently even a clothing line) in late autumn – what I don’t like is that we still don’t have an H&M in Singapore. Rumours about them moving into the new ION shopping centre turned out to be just that. Rumours.

Guess I’ll have to take a trip to Hong Kong in November.

Choo for H&M

Choo for H&M

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I know how to do quite a lot of things, but if there is one thing I know how to do really well it has to be how to shop (read: spend money). Yes, once again I succeeded in coming home with more things than initially planned but they were all things I really needed. Ehm, that’s what I’m telling myself anyway and I’m gonna stick to it.

What I got? Hmm, am not sure I should tell but here goes. You all know how I started to count shoes and handbags yesterday right, and realized that I probably hadn’t enough? Well, just to be on the safe side I decided to add two pairs of shoes and one handbag to the collection. Got two pairs of flip-flops as well but those I don’t really count as shoes. Also bought some tops and a cute little jacket for when I go to Sweden for my holidays. Add to that some bangles and necklaces and you pretty much know what was in the bags. Not bad work for a Saturday afternoon huh?

The black belt in shopping I’ve trained so hard for is secured for the near future. Damn, I’m good! Haha….

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