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When I was looking at pictures from Stockholm I found one of the building where I used to work before moving to Singapore. Three years of my life I spent there. Some of it good, some of it not so good. As with everything.

Sometimes I do miss it because I learnt a lot. And I had some really fab colleagues (not saying that my colleagues now are bad…they’re not). One in particular I miss. She was my partner in crime on many occasion. Most of them involving a glass of wine. Or three.


Fingers crossed I have time to meet her when I am home as I didn’t get to see her during my summer holidays. We have to relive old times.

Building to the left is where my office was - I sat by middle window on the top floor. Had one fantastic view from there!


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It just hit me yesterday that I’m going home in two weeks – and I have no idea how I am to manage everything I have to do before that. Am quite excited to go though, it’s been two years since I celebrated Xmas in Sweden. Bit worried about the cold though. Don’t like that very much (as you well know from earlier posts….).

I know this is the so called “silly season” but seriously, it doesn’t really have to be this silly. I have not a single evening free next week – there are meeting with friends, movie night, charity event and dinners. What I really need to be doing is washing, cleaning, sorting out the Xmas gifts and start packing (not that I have that much to pack though, winter clothing is rather non-existant in my wardrobe). Well, well…

Will have quite a lot to do when getting home as well – meeting with friends and family, dinners, drinks, additional Xmas shopping and lots more. Also plan to visit the Xmas market in the Old Town. Haven’t been for ages and it would be so much fun. Plan to go out take a few pics of the city as well. Don’t have that many in my portfolio and I need that – had a look through pics on the internet and it hit me, as it always does, what a stunning city Stockholm is (some pics to look at here – site is in Swedish but pics don’t need a language to be understood).

Christmas market in Old Town

Old Town

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