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My favorite day

Now this is a day that couldn’t come around soon enough. I have been dreaming of this week ending since it started. I need to sleep. Had a photo shoot scheduled for tomorrow morning but my client had to postpone it till next weekend instead. Cannot say I minded that too much. Sleep-in here I come!

Apart from that the plans for the weekend are so far:

Tonight – quiet dinner with Fx
Tomorrow – retro BBQ (theme: 60’s & 70’s) at Merche’s
Sunday – high tea with Tam

Goes quite in line with my word of the month which is relax. Not really my thing but  I’m gonna give it one hell of a try…




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…in pictures.

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F1 Rocks

F1 mania has hit Singapore and I am gearing up for what is to be a manic weekend.

We’re kicking it off tonight with a farewell party for Rachel at the rooftop of  Screening Room, a party that will most likely end very early in the morning.

Tomorrow night the gang is off to F1 Rocks at Fort Canning Park to watch, among others, The Black Eyed Peas and Beyonce. This will be followed by partying somewhere, most probably Supperclub…if we do not decide to make a stop at the Fuel Festival at the National Museum. See another late night coming on this one.

Sunday it’ll of course be the race followed by yet another party. In between all this it might be pooltime and brunch somewhere.

Thank god I have taken Monday off as I can already feel the lack of sleep.

But, it’ll be great  fun and it’s only once a year after all….

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