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When words are not needed

Sometimes you just stumble over blogs that gives you such a good feeling that you have to go back to the start of it and read it all.

“Nio till fem” is one of those. I absolutely love her photos. Not to mention her sense of style. And she has a good way of using words. Unfortunately it is in Swedish but she does have an English translation. Kind of anyway. But, pictures don’t need a language. They speak very much without.

So go on. Have a look.


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When I was looking at pictures from Stockholm I found one of the building where I used to work before moving to Singapore. Three years of my life I spent there. Some of it good, some of it not so good. As with everything.

Sometimes I do miss it because I learnt a lot. And I had some really fab colleagues (not saying that my colleagues now are bad…they’re not). One in particular I miss. She was my partner in crime on many occasion. Most of them involving a glass of wine. Or three.


Fingers crossed I have time to meet her when I am home as I didn’t get to see her during my summer holidays. We have to relive old times.

Building to the left is where my office was - I sat by middle window on the top floor. Had one fantastic view from there!

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Sleep in a bottle

Now this is what I call pretty cool.

Two entrepreneurs from the southern parts of Sweden have come up with a new project – a hotel shaped like an Absolut Vodka bottle!

They plan to have it finished in two years time and the location for it will be Åhus, “the home of Absolut”. It will have 60 rooms, vodkabars and restaurants.

It certainly will be different so fingers crossed they manage to pull it off.

Would you stay in it?


Photo: Kreativahus Arkitekter/Aftonbladet

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Running to escape

I have no idea whatever came over me but I suddenly felt the need to go home to Stockholm so I have now booked myself a flight back for Christmas. Me, who said I would not even consider it…that I would stay here for the holidays. Hmmm.

I think the past month has taken it’s toll on me and that’s why I need to get away. I have to escape my life for a while. Even called mum to ask if she would do a weekend trip with me somewhere, don’t really care where as long as I get away. That is a bad sign. Not going away with mum. The running.

So, here I am…trying to figure out where would be a good place to go. It has to be free from typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis…bad weather in general really. Oh, and it should only take max two hours to get to. Any suggestions?

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I’m back!

I have had the most brilliant holiday.

Visiting family, meeting up with friends and a lot of relaxation (thank you foot for that!). Will not bore you with details – might post some pics later on though and you can see for yourselves. Now I’m back to reality, being a bit slower than usual. This jetlag thingy is completely messing up everything. Head is fuzzy and I have had enough blonde moments to last me a lifetime or two.


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Days to go


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This weather is so not working with tonight’s plan. Me, Jonas, Pontus and Kattis are to have drinks at the roof top at Screening Room. Kattis is leaving Singapore on Friday so it’s our last chance to meet – she is to have a few months in Sweden before she heads of to an assignment in Afghanistan for six months. She is one tough cookie, that’s for sure!

Anyway, rain was not what was requested for, neither was the cold. Ok, before you say anything we’re talking Singapore cold here. It’s around 26 degrees C at the moment, and if you’re used to temperatures in the region of 32-35 degrees (added should be some high humidity as well) that is quite a difference. Well, guess I can see it as practice for my Sweden-trip…but it completely screws up my plan for what to wear. Not often one has to take a cardigan or the likes into consideration when heading out. Normally it’s the less, the better. Hmmm.

No matter what, it’s bound to be a fun evening even though I’m not exactly looking forward to the goodbye-part of it. One would think that after having been here for almost three years I would be somewhat used to it but to be honest I don’t think I ever will be. Goodbyes have never been my strong point. But I’ll let that be worries for later on..right now we are to focus on just one thing.

Having fun!

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