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Done, done and done!

Yay!! Done with my Xmas shopping. The Singapore-part of it atleast. Yes, the rain did stop eventually so got myself into town. Weren’t the only one with that idea. It was total mayhem!!!

Managed to get myself some little treats as well. Surprise, surprise! Bought the perfect shoes for NYE at Zara – black with sparkles on the heel. Also got some warm jumpers for Sweden, those I think I will use a lot. Then it was just small bits and bobs. As usual. Am real pleased with myself though, actually having most of it done already. Wiieee.

Now I’m gonna enjoy a couple of hours of doing nothing before having to get ready for tonights party. Theme: Hats and style. Could be fun.


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And it ain’t men!

All ready to go do my Xmas shopping – which I am so not in the mood for today but it has to be done – what happens? Heaven decides to open up the flood gates and let the whole bloody zoo down!!


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