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When words are not needed

Sometimes you just stumble over blogs that gives you such a good feeling that you have to go back to the start of it and read it all.

“Nio till fem” is one of those. I absolutely love her photos. Not to mention her sense of style. And she has a good way of using words. Unfortunately it is in Swedish but she does have an English translation. Kind of anyway. But, pictures don’t need a language. They speak very much without.

So go on. Have a look.


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Wow, the little slideshow I posted below generated about twice the number of visitors to my page than usual…hmm, maybe I should do this more often. Haha. Find it quite funny actually. But now you know who I am…parts of it anyway.

You on the other hand, who come visiting here – you I don’t have a clue about.


Tell me.

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Me, myself and I

The things you do when you have nothing else to do….

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Photo blogging

I have tried a billion times to post photos on the blog from my BlackBerry, both via email and via the WordPress for BlackBerry application and needless to say, I haven’t succeeded. Plain textmessages works but as soon as I add a photo it totally fails and now it’s starting to get pretty annoying.

If anyone out there might have a solution, please let me know.

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From front to back

Did a photo shoot yesterday. Me behind the camera. Hard work but great fun and  keeping my fingers crossed the client likes the pics. As not sure which of them will be chosen I cannot post them, not more than maybe one. This is one of my favs.



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