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What a week!

It’s almost 01.30 and I’m still at work. Cannot really say this is my preferred way to spend a Friday night/evening. Desperation got us to open a bottle of wine so that helps a little bit. So does the music I decided to put on full blast to keep us awake. The end of the night is not fully in sight yet but keeping my fingers crossed that we do get out of here within the next hour or so. Wishful thinking maybe. Rather put in a few extra hours tonight though than having to come in working over the weekend, that would completely screw up my weekend – this is the first one where I have absolutely nothing planned so I was to spend it with mum whom I’ve neglected immensely. Hopefully I still can.

I’m just praying that next week will be better than this one….


what a week


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Not happy

Nope, today has for sure not been better than the other days this week. It’s been far worse. And it doesn’t look like it’s gonna brighten up either as, instead of relaxing on the couch infront of a DVD, I will spend the evening in the office. Yay.


There is something positive though – the weather seems to agree with me.

It’s also in a bad mood….


bad mood dog

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Just one of those weeks.

Some days really do the best to annoy the hell out of you. Today is one of those. Actually, the whole week has been filled with those. Tomorrow doesn’t look to be any better either.

Got a bit of a relief from it all yesterday evening though. Went to visit friends and their little baby girl. There is no better feeling – or stress relief – than to get to cuddle a little one. And she was just the cutest – although she was asleep most of the time I was there but still. When she was awake she threw glances at Aunti Nettie wondering who that strange person was. LOL.

Tonight it’s a farewell dinner for two colleagues who are going into semi-retirement. Will be a nice and relaxed evening. Although a bit sad as we will miss them big time. I will especially miss my “big  brother”. Nobody can make me laugh like him. So am looking forward to a lot of those tonight. They are needed. The laughs.

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Upside down

This week hasn’t exactly started off in the best of ways – even before the Monday is over I’m already physically and mentally tired. Exhausted. Drained.

Not good.

At all.

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Car hand

I just got one of the best laughs of the evening.

Am listening to the radio and they are currently running a contest where you call in and if you are the first and second person (or something like that) you have then won a spot in a contest that takes place this weekend where the first prize is a car. To win it though you have to be the last person standing with your hand on the car – last years winner stod there for over 81 hours so they are in for a long one.

Anyway, a call came in and the DJs answered and a voice on the other end said “hi, can I connect you to my boss?” and the DJ’s both went “huh?!”. I did as well. Then I started laughing. Someone had asked their assistant to call into the contest and then if she got through to connect the call to him. Seriously, that can so not be in her job description. But it made for a really good laugh.

Cannot stop to wonder though if he will be the one standing with his hand on the car or if he will send his assistant for that one too…..

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Weddings alike

Congratulations to the gay community in Sweden who after having fought long and hard finally are allowed to get married in the church. The decision was finalized yesterday and will be in place from November 1.

I think this is great news and know that a lot of my gay friends are thrilled about this.

And I couldn’t be happier for them.



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Testing….1, 2, 3

Going back to my BB means installing program to be able to blog from phone easier and that is what I have just done so if you can read this then all is working as it should.

Keeping my fingers crossed while hitting the send button!

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