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City girl

Today I finally got around to book that hotel room in Stockholm that I’ve been planning to do for a while. Not a smart move, waiting till now that is, as I probably bummed out on some really good deals but, but…

July 23-26 I will be staying at the Anglais Hotel. I like that hotel. Not to mention the roof top champagne bar. So, if anyone feel like a bit of party – or something more quiet – those are the dates I will be a city girl during my vacation.

Yes, I will most probably be in on other nights as well but this will be the more sure ones…

One of the more Swedish traits I haven’t let go of yet is the need of planning well ahead so just let me know if you’re up for lunch/coffee/dinner/drinks…or just a walk around Djurgården.


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Had a really good ending to my Monday. Dinner at Pete’s and drinks at the Martini bar at Hyatt. Good company, good conversations…not to mention all the eye candy that showed up at the bar. Me likey. Yum yum!



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