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The dreaming continues

If one buys the below camera then one should of course have a matching bag for it.

Me, I would chose a classic.

The Birkin.

In bright orange.



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…then this is what I would want right now.

The LEICA M7 Edition Hermès.

Only 200 are being made. And it costs a staggering USD 14.000…but my god, what a beauty it is!!!


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Sleep in a bottle

Now this is what I call pretty cool.

Two entrepreneurs from the southern parts of Sweden have come up with a new project – a hotel shaped like an Absolut Vodka bottle!

They plan to have it finished in two years time and the location for it will be Åhus, “the home of Absolut”. It will have 60 rooms, vodkabars and restaurants.

It certainly will be different so fingers crossed they manage to pull it off.

Would you stay in it?


Photo: Kreativahus Arkitekter/Aftonbladet

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As those of you who have followed this blog know I am a big fan of Adam Lambert – not even his highly criticized performance at the American Music Awards this last weekend will change that, on the contrary, I thought he was great and besides, what was so chocking about it really…I mean, it’s not like we haven’t seen things like it before only it’s been with female entertainers and then for some reason it’s more ok. Stupidity.


Bought his album the other day and after having listened to it a couple of times there are a few song that for me stand out. One is If I had you”, the song written and produced by Max Martin (yay, go Sweden!!!), another is “Time for Miracles”, the song from the move 2012

But, my favorite so far has to be “Soaked”, a song that I think shows what a fantastic voice he has. Might not be everyones cup of tea but I’m a sucker for songs like this. 

Wanna listen to it? I’ve attached it below just for you….


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Wow, the little slideshow I posted below generated about twice the number of visitors to my page than usual…hmm, maybe I should do this more often. Haha. Find it quite funny actually. But now you know who I am…parts of it anyway.

You on the other hand, who come visiting here – you I don’t have a clue about.


Tell me.

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Me, myself and I

The things you do when you have nothing else to do….

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A killer

Can you imagine being adopted and deciding on tracing your biological parents this is what you find out?


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