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Gone with the wind

Great! Just great!!

Decided it was time to update the software of my BlackBerry which I hadn’t done for ages. Never did I think that would mean it would erase everything I had on it. Or actually, should have thought about it but didn’t. Now all is gone.

Phone book. Calender. Old messages I’ve kept. Etc. Etc.

To add to my annoyance the bloody sync doesn’t work either so now I have to recreate the entire thing which is like a couple of weeks work.

Well, as I always say about everything – one has to find something positive even if it’s hard. Now atleast I got rid of all those numbers that I’ve kept for some strange reason, the numbers to people I cannot even remember who they are.

But to be honest, no matter what it’s still very annoying!

PS! If you are someone whose number I should have you know what to do.


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And this is what I call a good sized one!!!

The rock – thought to be around 507 carats!!!! – was found in South Africa earlier this week, for full story click on the picture.



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I’m back!

I have had the most brilliant holiday.

Visiting family, meeting up with friends and a lot of relaxation (thank you foot for that!). Will not bore you with details – might post some pics later on though and you can see for yourselves. Now I’m back to reality, being a bit slower than usual. This jetlag thingy is completely messing up everything. Head is fuzzy and I have had enough blonde moments to last me a lifetime or two.


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Big thanks

Have to say a big thank you to all my friends who have been sending texts all weekend asking if they can do anything to help me – am supergrateful to you all!!!

Big thanks also to RB who came over and kept me company on Saturday and pushed me into going to see a doctor. You can for sure be more stubborn that me…hahaha.


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This weather is so not working with tonight’s plan. Me, Jonas, Pontus and Kattis are to have drinks at the roof top at Screening Room. Kattis is leaving Singapore on Friday so it’s our last chance to meet – she is to have a few months in Sweden before she heads of to an assignment in Afghanistan for six months. She is one tough cookie, that’s for sure!

Anyway, rain was not what was requested for, neither was the cold. Ok, before you say anything we’re talking Singapore cold here. It’s around 26 degrees C at the moment, and if you’re used to temperatures in the region of 32-35 degrees (added should be some high humidity as well) that is quite a difference. Well, guess I can see it as practice for my Sweden-trip…but it completely screws up my plan for what to wear. Not often one has to take a cardigan or the likes into consideration when heading out. Normally it’s the less, the better. Hmmm.

No matter what, it’s bound to be a fun evening even though I’m not exactly looking forward to the goodbye-part of it. One would think that after having been here for almost three years I would be somewhat used to it but to be honest I don’t think I ever will be. Goodbyes have never been my strong point. But I’ll let that be worries for later on..right now we are to focus on just one thing.

Having fun!

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I really like when my mornings start off with some absolutely great news. And nope, I cannot share it with you.


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City girl

Today I finally got around to book that hotel room in Stockholm that I’ve been planning to do for a while. Not a smart move, waiting till now that is, as I probably bummed out on some really good deals but, but…

July 23-26 I will be staying at the Anglais Hotel. I like that hotel. Not to mention the roof top champagne bar. So, if anyone feel like a bit of party – or something more quiet – those are the dates I will be a city girl during my vacation.

Yes, I will most probably be in on other nights as well but this will be the more sure ones…

One of the more Swedish traits I haven’t let go of yet is the need of planning well ahead so just let me know if you’re up for lunch/coffee/dinner/drinks…or just a walk around Djurgården.

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