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I really ought to write something and I was about to as well when it all went blank….don’t have anything really interesting to write. Well, could write about the weather I guess but it’s raining again so no change there really. I have every night booked this week for events but none of them are really that exciting – mostly dinners and stuff. And work, well…don’t really write about work in this blog so no can do. Which leaves us with only one thing.



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Kari Callin auditioning for America’s got talent 2009 – what a fantastic voice!!



Someone else who also got judged by her looks, atleast in the beginning of her career, is one of my absolut fav singers of all time – Barbra Streisand – and the song Kari chose (from the musical “West Side Story”) has also been sung by Ms. Streisand and personally I think this is one of the best performances of the song.


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Victoria Beckham showed her Spring 2010 collection at New York Fashion Week and once again I’m blown over – I really do love her designs, they are superclassy and in a style that is close to what I want to achieve personally. Only problem is you need one hell of a figure to wear them. And a big wallet.

Below are some that really caught my eye and that I wouldn’t mind having in my wardrobe. 



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Wrong but still so right

Here is another picture from the shoot on Monday. For some strange reason I really like this one as well but have no idea why as I can find so many faults in it – the Buddha is not centred, there is a leaf floating in the water that I didn’t see till after etc.

But, despite all the “wrongs” it still gets to me.


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From front to back

Did a photo shoot yesterday. Me behind the camera. Hard work but great fun and  keeping my fingers crossed the client likes the pics. As not sure which of them will be chosen I cannot post them, not more than maybe one. This is one of my favs.



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I have been neglecting this blog lately, I have not really been in the mood for it to be honest. Need to make a few changes to it. I have ideas of how and what, just have to make them happen. And get the feeling back for blogging. If I get it back.

Someone who is nowhere near losing her feeling for blogging is an old acquaintance of mine, Joanna, so while you are waiting for me to get my inspiration back I highly suggest you head over to hers as it is one stunning read – you will find Simple Blueprint here.

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